A novella by PM MAHON

This first volume of "Stories from the Age of Distraction" is an introductory tale where we meet our story champions, Morgan Byrne and Percy Chadwick ... lifelong friends with a strong cause in common.

Both believe that technology has dramatically changed human interaction. They feel we are losing our ability to focus on the world and on each other.  We are so distracted that we have become devoid of passion, emptied of purpose, and at a loss for the words to even describe the beauty that endures all around us.

The book opens with an ode to the story ...

"Stories are the familiar shoes we wear on our long walks through common experience. Since the beginning of time, storytellers have helped to catalog and preserve the human condition. They have held the power of memory, familiarity, and wistfulness over our collective consciousness. The storyteller describes, imparts, paints, and portrays the world with the precision of a timeless artisan.

Stories are the verbal albums that chronicle our fleeting days and nights, and the lives of those that came before us. They are the wisdom of mothers, the sage advice of fathers, the admonitions of grandparents, and the easy laughter of a friend.

When life slows down, when our mind seeks sleep, and our eyes search for dreams … it is the stories that recline in the back of our mind to ease us into peace."

About the Author:

Patricia M. Mahon is a dual US and Irish Citizen. She is a graduate of Manhattanville College and Trinity College, Dublin. Mahon studied poetry in Oxford under the tutelage of noted Yeats scholar A.S. Knowland and attended the WB Yeats International Summer School in Sligo, Ireland. She has been a doctoral fellow at Tulane University, the University of Denver, and the University of Arizona. She is the author of four original screenplays and two collections of poetry. Mahon won the Scottish International Open Poetry prize for her poem Descending Sinai along with numerous screenwriting honors. Her three-act stage play The Abbey Yard was produced in Los Angeles in 2000.

"The universe is simply a giant information batch where communication comes in and communication goes out. I don’t care what it looks like, or how it sounds, or whether it inspires me. I just care about where it goes and how I get it there. It’s a perfectly coherent asylum of structure."


Volume One: The Island