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Stories from the Age of Distraction

Stories from the Age of Distraction

Copyright 2015, Patricia M. Mahon

Los Angeles, CA USA   +1.8188844690

Morgan Byrnes and Percy Chadwick have been writing stories through back and forth texts and posts for years, until one day, the entire online community joins in. This gives them an idea for an app that could change the way the world communicates.

Imagine a global E-book … a communication renaissance … a world where we re-engage with language and with each other?

Joined by Silicon Valley reject and techno-geek Rowley Gaines, the trio journeys across several continents and time zones moving in and out of the lives of tragic and heroic characters as the world’s story is finally told. There are gamblers, surfers, dress—makers and dreamers. And when the lines between virtual reality and actuality get blurred, our three heroes find themselves on a remote island in the South Atlantic. It is the perfect ecosystem and an ideal place to stop, re-connect, embrace nature, confirm reality, and come face to face with those things that make stories so timeless and the desire to tell them so universal.